What are my contractual compromises? 

What are my main contractual obligations?

Your main contractual obligations are as follows: Always be up to date of your periodical payments, making sure that your credit card has enough funds or credit so that it is never rejected and respect the duration of the contract.
Use the STOREROOM, MAILBOX or SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX (from no on known as YOUR RENTAL), for the exclusive use of what it is meant and destined for always conserving and respecting the conditions and state of which the property was handed over to you, the client.
Respect the rules of prohibited dangerous, ilegal, resemblances substances.

Do not store goods that its value is more than that of which not is insured for. Do not cause damage or leave any waste in the common areas. Respect the rules of coexistence and regulations of the establishment, in particularly its time schedules, move about in an orderly fashion with no running or rushing and the strict rule of no smoking throughout the whole establishment. Do not make unnecessary noise and making sure that YOUR RENTAL is always properly locked and secured. Do not sub-rent or lend YOUR RENTAL property to third parties. Fifteen (15) days notice must be given by writing or email to trasterosritz@gmail.com if you wish to free YOUR RENTAL. If you have a flexible monthly payment plan, you may free YOUR RENTAL at what ever date you wish, and we will return the days that you have not used and have paid, (always when you have given fifteen (15) days notice). Free completely, leave YOUR RENTAL in the same condition that it was handed to you, and telephone or email us when YOUR RENTAL is free. This must be done even if you had previously notified us. Renounce the right to the property/goods which are left in YOUR RENTAL and abandonment of the possessions of the same after eight (8) weeks of none payment, without emptying and freeing YOUR RENTAL.

What time frame must the client give to release YOUR RENTAL?
If you have a flexible monthly plan rental then fifteen (15) natural days must be given before freeing and handing back YOUR RENTAL. If you have an annual pre-paid plan, you must also give fifteen (15) days written notice before the automatic annual renovation date of your contract.
Can I change the size of YOUR RENTAL?
If you have a flexible monthly plan, you may change the size of YOUR RENTAL when ever you wish, prorating the days in each size. If you have a an annual pre-paid plan you may change to a bigger YOUR RENTAL at any moment and a smaller YOUR RENTAL at the contacts renewal.  
Can I hand back my YOUR RENTAL during the existing annual pre-paid contract plan?
Yes you may release / hand back YOUR RENTAL, but no refund shall be given on the days or months not used. 
What happens if I cannot pay for my YOUR RENTAL?
Everything is clearly stated in YOUR RENTAL contact. We recommend that you closely read the contract that you have with Trasteros Ritz. After a delay in rental payment of four (4) weeks from the due payment date on YOUR RENTAL, Trasteros Ritz will automatically cancel the contract and the client will have one (1) week to remove the goods from YOUR RENTAL without having to pay any extra. After this term, the client has three (3) weeks to remove their goods after settling the outstanding debt with Trasteros Ritz. After eight weeks elapsed from the payment due date and after offering the client the different options to recuperate their goods, Trasteros Ritz reserves the right to hand the goods to what ever social interest and non-profit organisation it decides, or even dispose of the goods if the entities do not wish to acquire the said goods.