Question & Answer

Question. Can you receive parcels at our stores?
Answer. Yes indeed you can have parcels sent to our stores and we will call you when it has arrived.

Question. Can I get close to the storage unit in my vehicle?
Answer. Yes you can park but just a few meters away to unload.

Question. Can Trasteros help with the moving of items?
Answer. Yes we can assist you with our own van for a small fee.

Question. Can I change my storage unit to a larger or smaller one?
Answer. Yes. We have a range of different size units to offer you if available.

Question. How do I pay the rent?
Answer. By credit / debit cards, standing order or pay direct at our offices. Invoice will be sent monthly.

Question. How safe are my goods?
Answer. Our facilities are fitted with surveillance cameras, sensors and the latest security alarm system direct to the police, fire brigade and security company.

Question. Can I reserve a unit in advance?
Answer. Yes, if you wish a particular unit it makes sense to reserve it in advance. This will guarantee your unit is available when you need it. To reserve email or call us for instructions.

Question. Can I inspect my storage unit before I rent it?
Answer. Yes of course you may. Please come and visit us.

Question. Where are you located?
Answer. We are ten minutes from Marbella town and ten minutes from Estepona town known as The new Golden Mile. five minutes drive from the N.340.

Question. What may I store?
Answer. With certain exceptions, you can store anything which is legal, as long as it is not inflamable or perishable. We reserve the right to refuse any type of storage.

Question. What size are your storage units.
Answer. Please see our list of sizes. If you require more space you can rent as many unites as required. We can advise you on the best way to store your goods.

Question. What about packaging materials?
Answer. We have a wide range of packaging materials for sale including bubble wrap, labels, tape and much more.

Question. Is it possible to store sports equipment, golf clubs etc to use when we are next on holiday?
Answer. Yes that’s a good idea. You might also wish to store books, toys, suit- cases, jet- ski etc

Question. How much notice is required for terminating the rental agreement?
Answer. A minimum of fifteen (15) days notice is required. The rental contract will include the exact conditions.

Question. Do I need to insure my goods?
Answer. You are advised to insure your goods during the time they are stored with us. For your peace of mind we offer insurance cover for (theft, fire and flooding) while your goods are in storage.

Question. If I store furniture and other household goods long term will they remain in good condition?
Answer. Our facilities are well ventilated and humidity controlled to prevent damp to furniture, clothes and household goods.

Question. How do I know how much space I need?
Answer. We will gladly help you wish that. Please come in for a chat so we can work it out.

Question. How do I reserve a storage unit or can I just walk in and rent one?
Answer. Please telephone 952796611 or 607796611 to make an appointment as our facilities are closed to the public and a code is required to get to our premises.

Question. Who holds the key to my storage unit?
Answer. Only you hold the key to your own unit. You can either provide your own padlock or purchase one from us.

Question. How long can I rent my unit for?
Answer. There is no maximum period for renting your unit. There is a minimum of one (1) month.